Saturday, May 12, 2007

Posted by Hope at 3:38 PM
Rik and I took the kids to Disney World for 4 days. We had a great time !!! Hayley was able to ride all the rides and she did ! We met the princesses and alot of other characters !!

1st day: Went to Animal Kingdom... rode Mount Everest first ... We all loved it !!! Left when the park closed to check into the hotel. We stayed at Shades of Green which is a military resort on Disney. It was sooo nice !!!

2nd Day: went to Magic Kingdom -- we got to be in the parade !! ( we were the cheerleaders - even Rik and the boys !!) We also won a lanyard with 2 pins. ( Pin trading is really big .. and of course, me and the kids are hooked !!!) We stayed for the fireworks, which were incredible !! As we were leaving the park after the fireworks it started to POUR DOWN !!! We got back to the hotel at about 11pm ... and I think we were all asleep before we hit the pillows !!

3rd Day: went to Epcot -- after opps, sleeping in a little. We went to and had a great time ... even when I almost of squished in the monorail door... the kids were laughing at me !!! We went around the world in about 8 hours :)Soarin is the most awesome ride .. as well as Test track !!! We left a little early from the park cause we had to check out of the hotel the next morning and we were all a little tired !

4th Day: We went to MGM studios -- we checked out of the hotel and drove to MGM, got there for the opening and made our lunch reservations. We got alot of autographs from characters and Hayley got to see the High School Musical pep rally ! We rode Rockin Roller Coaster .. me and Hayley got up front seats !!! She was soo excited ! I kinda thought she may be a little scared ... but HECK no ! She was hollaring with JOY the whole ride !!! We ate lunch at the Sci Fi Drive In, which was a blast ! We had to leave early from the park to head back to the Magic Kingdom to get the mouse ear hats with names put on them :)



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