Thursday, April 09, 2009

An ADD moment ...

Posted by Hope at 2:48 PM

I sat at the table to start cutting more fabric for the quilt when I see Hayley’s easter basket and remember I have to hide it in the closet.  I take it to the closet and see all my fabric I neatly folded the other day on the floor and think I should make Hayley’s pillowcase.  I come to the computer and google pillow case pattern.  Then see my fave button for Facebook and click it... see a friends cute new baby... awwww !  Read up on friends statuses.  What was I doing ???  OH yea... working on the quilt... I go back to the table and realize what I did ... and think ... I should Blog about this ... LOL

Obvioulsy I didn’t take my medicine today ... LOL



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