Sunday, April 19, 2009

The past week

Posted by Hope at 6:51 PM
Well, the past week and weekend have been a bit preoccupied. I decided we won't be buying a house yet ... I want to wait till I have a job mostly. I also want to make sure we won't be moving again... make sure hubby is retiring!!! I have also decided to get both the boys tutoring.. which is going to cost me some big bucks .. but it's much needed as they are both really struggling !!!! I really wanted to work on my quilt this weekend, but it seems Saturday I did laundry, watched HGTV and DIY all day. Today I did get some squares sewn... but now they are not squaring up ... I decided to look at it tomorrow and maybe I will be able to figure it out !! Me and Hayley made Gorilla bread today ... it was SOOOO yummy !!!!

That was about it. I am hoping to get some real things accomplished this week ... we will see how it goes !



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