Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home buying....

Posted by Hope at 12:25 PM
Well, first. .. home buying is NOT FUN!!! and 0% down does not mean $0 out of your pocket!!!

  • It cost us $1100.00 just to put an offer on the house... ($1000 earnest money and $100 option money)
  • It will be another $372 for the home inspection + $75 for the termite inspection.
  • Now, my Realtor wants me to pay the $ to have the electricity and gas turned on ( to have the inspections done -- mind you the house will not be in my name until we close ... in 30+ days!! )... that would be $600.00 !!!
I'm sure it would seem like such a pain ... but we have to paint the inside of the new house, clean it (cause the homeowners aren't going to), the house has no window covers(blinds) and it's looking like I am going to be doing most of the moving with just me and the kids!!

Every time there is another thing I am going to have to pay for. It makes me think ... maybe I don't want to buy a house!! Or maybe I should just have one built.



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