Friday, August 07, 2009

School shopping

Posted by Hope at 11:13 AM
I really do hate school shopping, when the kids went to a school that required uniforms it was much easier, or when they were just young enough to let me pick their clothes!!
Since we have had some changes in the last few months (bought new house, laid off, ect.) I have been trying to be thrifty with my shopping.

When we were down South at my parents, we went to the mall and Aeropostale had a great sale. We also got coupons for 40% off online. I ordered Shelby and Hayley some shirts.

Last weekend I had a 40% off coupon for Old Navy so I took Hayley shopping and got some great things. As we were leaving Old Navy, I spotted a store I had never been in... so we stopped in. The store was Justice for Girls -- how could I have missed this store, it has mostly NEON clothes!! Hayley was in heaven, I was in shock .. how could girls where some of the clothes?? Ekk .. anyway, after looking a the prices, I went straight to the clearance rack. I did find Hayley 2 skirts, that were normal colors!!

Soo, tomorrow we are going to the outlet mall to spend our PacLoot from Pac Sun . I hope that will be the end of school shopping, at least until October when the kids seen to out grown everything from the beginning of school !!



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