Monday, March 07, 2011

My Weight Loss Blog

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I know I have a hard enough time keeping up with this blog.  But right now, my life is centering around me trying to lose weight.  So I made a blog dedicated to just that.

Check it out if you want Smile

Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday {1.31–2.6}

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YoYo (Your On Your Own)


Pizza or eat out
{Winter weather advisory}


Meat Loaf
Mashed Potatoes


Chicken Riddle Soup
{Daughter’s night to cook}


Italian Meatball Sub


Potato Soup
Grilled Cheese


Baked Potatoes
Cucumber Salad

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fail or just my ADD ??

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It’s no secret I have ADD { I like to refer to it as OST – Oh Shiny Ting}.  I have been on medication for a few years and am amazed at the difference it makes.  However, I find myself … oh look at that car that just drove by! … still getting distracted at times.  This blog is a perfect example of my distractions!!  I really wanted to succeed at the Project 365 {taking a picture every day}, but I just can’t do it! { there I said it .. I can’t do it!}.  Soo, I am totally blaming this on my ADD Smile  It was a great plan, but I can’t stay focused to remember to take a pic everyday.  I do take a lot of pictures, but not everyday.

To “save” myself… I am going to attempt to do a weekly photo.  I had seen on a blog I read a Project 52 {there are weekly “assignment” photos to take}, I think I am going to give that a try … if I can’t find that blog again….

Wish me luck.

And… if you are reading this… thanks for putting up with my ADDness.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Review: Safe Harbor by Nicholas Sparks {3 of 25}

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This book is really good.  I don’t read a lot of Nicholas Sparks, but this one was great!

In this book you meet Katie, a young wife who was abused by her husband.  She escapes finally and settles in a small town.  Katie falls in love with a young man who’s wife has passed away and he has 2 small children.  You grow to love Katie and Alex and the children.  Katie makes a friend, Joe, who moves into the cottage next door.  … { I want to say soo much more, but I am afraid I am going to give away the story!}

Needless to say, I was in tears at the end of the book… and they were happy tears !!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Men

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I realized tonight I have:

  • 55 books on my Sony eReader :)
  • 12 on my Kindle app
  • 24 audiobooks in my account
  • Unknown amount of "regular" books on my bookshelf

Yikes ! I think I have a problem ... and I need to get reading !!!

Week End in Review 1.24.11

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photo 1

My daughter and I made Blueberry Breakfast cookies !  YUM !!!!!

photo 2

photo 3

We painted our formal dining room !  Yes, it’s UT {University of Texas} orange!  But my kitchen is A&M {Texas A&M} maroon !

photo 5

We decided to swap the tables in the kitchen and dining.  The darker table looked much better in the dining room !

photo 4

Menu Plan Monday {1.24–1.30}

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Stew (in the crockpot)


Chicken Pot Pie


YoYo {Your On Your Own}


Spanish Rice


Frozen Pizza




Spaghetti & Meatballs
French Bread

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Resolution #8

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This one shouldn’t be too hard.  I love to read and have a huge list of books I want to read.  I have a Sony eReader that is full of books so I always have something to read!!  I want to try and write reviews on the books I read, of course I am not very good at writing, so we will see how it goes!

Friday, January 21, 2011


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Beautiful sky this morning !

photo 2


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photo 1
Chips and Queso !!!  YUM

Wordpress vs Blogger ?

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I am thinking about changing to Wordpress.  I want to blog about a variety of topics and not have to have a separate blog for each to keep it organized. 

Anyone have experience with the big differences between the 2?

I am …

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I saw this on another blog {of course I can’t remember which one} and thought it was a cool idea.

{I am at work today}

Outside my window... it looks cold and breezy.

I am thinking... it is Friday and my boss will be at market next week, so it may get slow.

I am thankful for... my warm jacket because it was 17 when I left for work this morning.

I am wearing... boots, jeans, and a long sleeve shirt {the boss is not in today}

I am creating... a huge pile of papers on my desk

I am going... to sleep in tomorrow

I am reading... Safe Harbor by Nicholas Sparks

I am hoping... to go to lunch soon

I am hearing... AOL radio playing from my computer

One of my favorite things... {only one ?} drinking wine with friends : it is Friday:

Resolution # 7

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hahaha!  I have already messed this one up.  I wanted to post my menu for the week on Monday’s. 

I will start again Monday. {famous last words, right?}


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