Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carnival Cruise ??

Posted by Hope at 12:02 PM

Carnival Cruise Banner


Soo, my oldest son will be graduating from High School in June!!  UGGGHHH !  He wants to go on a cruise for his graduation gift.  Back in 2007 we went on a 7 Day Carnival Cruise and LOVED it !!!  We have wanted to go on another one since then, but with a family of 5, it is a bit pricey!

This morning I was looking at cruises trying to decide which one we want to go on, and when.  Ideally, July would be best.  We really want to leave out of Galveston Smile  I have been looking and it is such a hard decision !!!  Of course, the cheaper ones are in September .. lol  I am thinking I am going to have to contact a travel agent to help me.

I wish I would win the lottery and could just choose one and not have to worry about the cost!



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