Friday, January 28, 2011

Fail or just my ADD ??

Posted by Hope at 1:07 AM

It’s no secret I have ADD { I like to refer to it as OST – Oh Shiny Ting}.  I have been on medication for a few years and am amazed at the difference it makes.  However, I find myself … oh look at that car that just drove by! … still getting distracted at times.  This blog is a perfect example of my distractions!!  I really wanted to succeed at the Project 365 {taking a picture every day}, but I just can’t do it! { there I said it .. I can’t do it!}.  Soo, I am totally blaming this on my ADD Smile  It was a great plan, but I can’t stay focused to remember to take a pic everyday.  I do take a lot of pictures, but not everyday.

To “save” myself… I am going to attempt to do a weekly photo.  I had seen on a blog I read a Project 52 {there are weekly “assignment” photos to take}, I think I am going to give that a try … if I can’t find that blog again….

Wish me luck.

And… if you are reading this… thanks for putting up with my ADDness.



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