Friday, September 25, 2009

Homecoming !!!

Posted by Hope at 8:46 AM
Well, tonight is the Homecoming game and tomorrow the dance tomorrow. I made Shelby's mum to give to his girl friend.. and before I add the picture, I thought I would give a little history on what it is.
From this site :
 What some call wacky, others call a way of life. Take the Texas  Homecoming Mum-- a symbol of Texas football and an annual rite of passage for high school ladies.

Bought by the girl's date, the mum is a mix of flowers, yards of ribbon, trinkets, charms, stuffed animals and sometimes even cow bells ... all pinned to the shirt. The mum's size has a direct relation to how much the guy likes the girl. Some mums require a lanyard around the neck to support the weight. That's a whole lotta love.



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