Friday, September 18, 2009

My Crazy Morning ....

Posted by Hope at 9:14 AM
This morning is one of those mornings I am glad I am not working !!!  Here is how it went...

6:30 am ***Alarm goes off (got to sleep in an hour cause there was no Cross Country practice today !!) Wake up Kids....

7:10am ***Realize Hayley has to leave for school in 5 minutes and she isn't downstairs yet (thinking sleeping in the hour is going to make my day nuts!)  Hollar for her to hurry up and come downstairs!!

7:18am ***Hayley leaves for school, luckily she rides her bike and not the bus!

7:25am *** Shelby tells me his GF is going to take him to band practice (which is at 8am) .. Ok, but doesn't she need to get ready for school ( school doesn't start until 8:55)  So, she decides it would be better for me to take him since she isn't dressed yet ....

7:30am ***Time to take Shelby to band practice.  Kaleb wants to go also so he can turn in his Biology project before school starts...  We stop and pick up Shelby's friend so he doesn't have to walk .. then see Kaleb's friend and pick him up... which was when Kaleb realized OPPS, he forgot his project on the couch !  Good think school doesn't start till 8:55am !!  Soo, I drop off 3 of the kids at the band hall and back home I go with Kaleb to get his project... oh yea, and I got a call on my cell phone from an 808 area code.. so I ignored it !

7:40am ***Cuss the fact that I live on the morning busy street in my neighborhood !  Kaleb jumps out and runs in the house, gets his project.. and off we go again to the school.  Get a Text from Shelby that the Cross Country meet for tomorrow is cancelled due to the hosting school got 11 in. of rain and the course is flooded .. and they are having a swim meet instead ... (hmm, is he serious??)

8:00am *** back home .. decide to look up here the 808 area code is from .. .Hawaii .. ut oh Rik is in Hawaii .. I start to worry thinking something is wrong...

8:04am ** Text Shelby to ask if he is giving blood at school today.. cause I am sure he would need parental permission -- he doesn't know yet ...

8:30am *** call comes on home phone from 808 area code ... it's Rik !  He needs to know the population of our little town... which leads to me having to call the Fire station (he is a volunteer firemen and I know the AA)

8:32am *** phone beeps while I am talking to Rik .. so I better answer .. it is Hayley ... she needs to me to email her Power Point pres. to her teacher. (forgot to put it on a thumb drive for her this morning cause we were running late!)

8:34am *** Shelby calls, needs me to come back to the school and sign the form... he thinks ... he says he will call back

8:44am *** Shelby's girlfriend calls and asks if I can come sign his form, she has it and will bring it out to me to sign (good thing cause I haven't had a shower and don't have a bra on !)

8:46am *** Go BACK to the school to sign form .. also confirm with Shelby's GF about the XC meet.. which is canceled... back home I go !!

If I would have had a job .. I wouldn't not have been able to do anything but drop them off at school the first time !!  Too bad I don't get paid to run around for them!!!



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