Tuesday, September 08, 2009

True Blood season 1

Posted by Hope at 12:08 PM
It has taken me Months! to finish watching Season 1!!! I have gone to Blockbuster I don't know how many times.. get 1 disk at a time. I finished watching the last disk today.

I have read a couple of the books that this show is based on. It seems to be a downside that I have read some of the books. First, I knew who the killer was the whole time. I also knew who was going to sleep with who, ect. It kinda took the mystery out of the whole season. I have only read the first 3 books in the series, so I am hoping some of Season 2 will be "new" to me.

I really thought Bill would be better looking. I have to say, reading the book, I was hooked on Bill. But now watching True Blood... I like Sam and Eric !!

Now, I have Season 2 DVR'd... so now I have to get to watching it !!



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