Thursday, September 10, 2009

Missing the base

Posted by Hope at 1:01 PM
I have really been missing the base lately.  Since we have been stationed here, a little over a year now, I don't have that "part of the family" military feeling.  I thought after soo many years always living on the base I would like this remote duty.  
I don't like it !  I can't go to the commissary without making a plan cause it's an hour away!  I can't go to the gym on base (which is free).  I can't go to the base library and hang out with other military wives.

My hubby is gone more here than any other place we have been stationed and we are the farthest from the base than we have ever been.  That just doesn't seem right.  I think I took the "family" feeling of being on a base for granted.  I understand that I am the one who chose to live "out in the country" .. but I didn't think I would miss the base soo much.



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