Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kaleb’s Surgery

Posted by Hope at 12:24 PM
Last week Kaleb had his spleen removed.  I wrote about it here .
His surgery was at 12:30, and we had to be at the hospital at 10:30.
surgery 004
He went back at about noon.  Me and Rik went and got some food at the cafe, and then went to wait the 2 hours in the waiting room.  Finally the surgeon came out and told us the surgery went well.  He let us know that Kaleb would have an NG Tube in overnight because when they were removing the spleen they burnt part of the stomach due to the large size of the spleen.  Also, due to the size of the spleen he had to load the staple gun 4 times, where with normal spleen, it only takes 1 load.
Kaleb finally came out of recovery…
surgery 013 surgery 011
He DID NOT like the NG Tube !! And I don’t blame him!!  He was in alot of pain. We found out he is allergic to Morophine!  He broke out in hives.
surgery 024
He had some visitors… his brother and sister.
surgery 017
He had to stay a day longer than we had planned.  I thought he would only have to stay one night and come home the next day, but his pain was not controlled so we had to stay another night.  He had to be on a clear liquid diet, and he didn’t care for the broth!  LOL
surgery 022 surgery 002
Friday we waited and waited for the surgeon to come in and tell us we could go home!
surgery 023
FINALLY at about 8pm he came in and told us we could go home !!!  FINALLY!!!!
surgery 010 surgery 006
He was feeling much better.  We got home after picking up his meds and a couple of his friends stopped by to see how he was doing.



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