Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing as planned

Posted by Hope at 7:40 PM
Nothing went as planned today. I planned on going to the library. I planned on going to run. I planned on getting something accomplished. Well, I did get the pantry cleaned out, but that was it. Seriously, I did nothing else productive today !!

I watched 5 episodes of Weeds from Season 3. (all done with season 3)

I got an email from Shelby's teacher and he didn't turn in a paper, which he had an agreement with the teacher about missing assignments... sooo, he went from a passing grade down to a 52 !!!! With that, I decided to email the rest of his teachers, to find out that in another class... he is too busy flirting than working!! He is a Sophomore -- I should not have to treat him like a 1st grader!!!

Tomorrow will be more productive .. at least I keep telling myself that.. .we will see.



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