Thursday, February 19, 2009


Posted by Hope at 1:30 PM
I got a call from my DR the other day and he said I have HIGH CHOLESTEROL :( I have decided to start eating better and working out. I need alot of motivation to keep up a workout routine, so I spent $29.00 and got the Nike+ Sport Kit. I got and got it all set up and went upstairs to the treadmill and tried it out... I did 1/2 first (had to answer the phone)... anyway, a made a mini (you can see to the left). Let me tell you Miss Mini is a bitch!!! She is a little annoying, saying I/she is a couch potato, ect. I decided I would go run some more, so I did a mile... thinking that would make her happy, but NO.. she is still talking smack ! Thanks Dawn for convincing me to make her and I even have her as my screensaver (thanks again Dawn).

Since I am a techie kind of person, I am hoping this will keep me somewhat motivated.


TronWife on February 20, 2009 7:45 AM said...

I feel very sad and pathetic that I am slave to a cartoon bobble head of myself, but I And I not happy that the AF is beating us!!!


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