Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The greatest invention!

Posted by Hope at 12:20 PM
Today I feel the greatest invention is the drive up window!!!! After having a pretty sleepless night last night -- taking Motrin every 4 hours because I could not take the pain in my left arm. I got the kids off to school, canceled the appointment I had to take the Acadia into the shop and went back to bed. I got up and decided I better get to the bank and deposit my unemployment check and pay a couple of bills. So, I put my jeans on and made myself a drink to take along. As I get about halfway into town, I realize that I have my slippers on, I don't have my shoes on ... LOL Well, luckily, the bank has a drive up window... I can get my lunch in a drive thru... I can even pay my water bill at a drive up box. I love the person who invented the drive up window !!!!



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