Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Itchy Allergy!!

Posted by Hope at 7:06 PM
Well, last night I was itching horribly.. I took some benadryl and feel asleep -- yea, no more itching!! Or so I thought ... today I had a couple of bites of left overs from last night for lunch while I was waiting on hold. Here came the itching again!!!

After searching the ingredients to everything I ate last night, I think I have it figured out!! I am allergic to sulfa drugs... well, the pickles I used for dinner (which aren't the normal brand I use) seems they have the sulfite preservative, which falls in the sulfa category.

So, I am going to conclude that I am allergic to those pickles. Hopefully tomorrow I won't have the itching, since I plan to stay away from the pickles.



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