Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Something is Missing

Posted by Hope at 1:48 PM

This is Rik's side... it's empty :( Rik left today to go to Hawaii. A nice 8 hour flight !!
Me and the kids went shopping. We first went to the Library in the town nearby cause it is SOOO much bigger than the one in my little town. Then went to eat at BBW (my fave place to eat!!). Went to Target, Pet Smart, Michaels, CVS, and Blockbuster.

Movies we got:
Transporter 3 -- of course it was good, Jason was in , and he didn't have a shirt on in some parts!
StormForce -- let me just say I should have checked before renting this one. The whole time I was watching it I was thinking, it must have been in a different language and they put English over it.
The Mummy 3
some Mary Kate and Ashely movie for Hayley



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