Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend Review

Posted by Hope at 7:11 AM
I am soo sorry for not posting all weekend. I wish I could say we had a busy weekend, but in fact, it was a pretty boring weekend... a nice lazy weekend.

Friday -- Rik broke off half of his cap on his tooth so came home early and went to the dentist. He picked up lunch at this new little resturant in town.... it was soo good ... they had fried okra !!!! YUM YUM ! Shelby had a friend stay the night... we had pizza for dinner. I watched the movie, The Jane Austen Book Club ... it was really good. I didn't get to bed until around 1am -- I admit I was talking to a friend on Facebook.

Saturday -- <>We got up early because our neighbor rented an airrator for the yard and it had to be returned by noon. The temperature outside was near freezing, and I was turning on the sprinklers. We had to wet the yard before running the machine over the yard. We finished just in time to take the machine back. Rik and Kaleb went into town to pick up a few things. We had fried fish for dinner... it was SOOO GOOD. We watched some movies .. of course. We watched, the newest The Chronicals of Narnia and then watched Get Smart after we ate dinner. I stayed up late and watched Blood Monkey on SciFi. ( I love SciFi .. they have such stupid movies!)

Sunday-- I slept in. Hayley decided she was going to give me a massage... with lotion ... well, the lotion ended up being soap!! so I had to get up and take a shower, only to find out there was NO HOT WATER! We have been having a problem with out water heater and the button popping (i don't know what the button is called!) So, I staying in my jammies all day!! We watched the movie Sex Drive .. interesting!!! I made Chicken A La King for dinner and we had angle food cake. Went to be fairly early and was still tired getting up this morning.



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