Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday !

Posted by Hope at 11:23 AM

Things I am Thankful for today !!!


·         The Weekly points allowance that Weight Watchers has in addition to your daily points !  This morning I caved big time and stopped at Sonic on the way to work and got French Toast Sticks ~ EKKKK 12 Points ! that is HALF my points for the day !

·         That my hubby will be home Sunday, even if only till Tuesday (gotta love the Navy). Since he left a month ago, I have had a frozen water pipe, problems with his truck (check engine light), had to change the air filters in the upstairs attic (not as simple as it sounds), install blinds in a room, jump off his truck, clean the garage out, and split wood !

·         I have an incredible job.  Almost a year ago I was laid off from Dick’s Sporting Goods.  It took me till October to find a job, but I hit the jackpot with this job, I love it !!!

·         I have time to read at night.  I have become a bit of a reading addict this year soo far.

·         Tonight is YOYO (your on your own) night for dinner !!

·         My boss made it thru surgery Tuesday and is doing Incredible !   He found out he has colon cancer and had the tumor removed.  He will be starting Chemo in a few weeks.

·         To have a Blog to write about things and get to know others.





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