Sunday, January 24, 2010

WW Day#3

Posted by Hope at 12:18 PM
Yesterday I went and got groceries, I bought alot of the WW brand things, cause it was easy.  However with my snacks.  I usually just eat what I buy for the kids.

I got home and figured the points for each of the items and wrote it on the package.  Today, I got the snack size ziplock bags and wrote the name of the snack and Points on the outside.  Then, with the help of my kids, counted out a serving and put it in the ziplock bag.  I did that for all of my snacks.  I put them all in a gallon size bag to take to work and put in my desk. 

Now, while I am at work and want a snack, I will have them and know exactly how many points they are !



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