Friday, March 19, 2010

Texas Roadhouse + nutritional information

Posted by Hope at 5:17 PM

OK, since I joined Weight Watchers I am become somewhat obsessed with knowing the nutritional information at restaurants.  I understand that there are only a few states that require it by law.  My state, Texas, DOES NOT!  I have not been totally bothered by a restaurant not providing until I was looking for the information for Texas Roadhouse… here is what they say about it:

Thank you for contacting us regarding our nutritional information. At this time, we do not offer calorie counts and other nutritional information.

We can assure you that we are cognizant of the demand from guests such as yourself to provide this information, but there are several factors that make this difficult.

Many of the large foodservice companies that offer specific nutritional information can do so because their food is pre-packaged and/or pre-portioned. Since we make our food from scratch, including the bacon bits, croutons, and dressings, it is next to impossible to provide exact nutritional information because of slight variations that depend upon who prepares the food.

We also make our bread from scratch each day and hand-cut our steaks, so again, we do not have the exact information printed when it arrives like some foodservice operators or what you may find in the grocery store.

We have attempted to provide some information in the past, but we pulled back after some guests complained we were not detailed enough. In addition, some enterprising folks tested the food and when it fell outside the guidelines threatened legal action. As such, we stopped providing our special gluten-free menu, for example.

In addition, many states, counties and cities across the nation are attempting to pass legislation providing restaurants with guidelines and rules for displaying nutritional information. As a result, our efforts are on hold until we know what information will be required, the ranges that will be allowed and how that information should be distributed.

Again, let me assure you that we are trying to find a solution so that our guests can make informed decisions. Thanks again for contacting us, and let us know if you have additional questions.”

So, I guess they are the ONLY restaurant that makes their food from scratch!

Here is what I think: they obviously are hiding something – like there are soo many calories in their food if you knew you wouldn’t eat there !!

If anyone wants to know why we have an obesity problem in the US, it’s because restaurants want to keep us in the dark about their foods.  In fact, I was looking at kids meals and the calories at some restaurants and was SHOCKED by the amounts in KIDS MEALS!!! 


Barb, Diabetic Snacker on March 19, 2010 5:32 PM said...

Great point! They probably don't want us to know. I read today where just a five guys smaller burger & regular order of fries is a whopping 1170 calories! I'm eating at home for now on. You should watch Secrets of a Restaurant Chef with Anne Burrel? She puts an ungodly amount of salt on every single item! Love her show but OMG!


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