Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend ...

Posted by Hope at 7:41 AM
What a weekend !

  • Got my car back from the dealership, steering gear replaced!!  They have to order my new tires, of course!  
  • Found out the Doctor in my little town FINALLY is a PCM for Tricare so I can switch from my NOT SOO GOOD doctor 3 towns away!!
  • Got home from work and made pizzas and watched 2 episodes of Dexter :)

  • Started painting a wall in Hayley's room and replaced her ceiling fan.  
  •  Did a 30 minutes on the treadmill -- yea!!!
  • Decided to meet some friends for dinner. And pick up Kaleb from them since he did the 30 hour famine at the church.
  • Had dinner at a new Mexican resturant.  Had a margarita (yum), taco salad and sopapilla.
  • Got home and wasn't feeling too good.
  • Watched beginning of SNL and headed to bed.
  • Got out of bed and started throwing up :(  Ugghh -- I am not one to throw up unless I am really sick!  I am not sure if it was the food or that I ate alot and haven't really been eating that much, or I have some kind of bug.
  • Slept till noon
  • Got out of bed and had 3 crackers
  • went back to bed
  • got up again around 4
  • Had some pizza for dinner
  • Feeling much better by about 630.
  • While I was sick in bed all day my husband and kids got the house cleaned, finished painting Hayley's wall, redid the laundry room (I had it on his Honey Do list), went and got groceries and let me sleep and rest all I wanted. {I love my family}



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