Monday, February 08, 2010

Extended Warranties !!! Apple Care

Posted by Hope at 10:27 AM
So, Shelby has been having problems with his optical drive on his laptop.  I finally got a chance to take a look at it this weekend.  I would not read ANY type of disk.  I thought I may have purchased Apple Care when I bought it so I checked online and sure enough!!  I HAVE IT !!

I made an appointment at the Apple store to have it looked at and the optical drive has failed.  They are replacing the drive as well as replacing the case since it has a little crack.

If I didn't have Apple Care, it would have cost me at least $300 for the new drive and then I would have to pay an additional rate for the tech to install it.  But since I have Apple Care IT'S COVERED !

I don't always purchase those extended warranties unless I have the extra money to spend.  I am thinking with appliances and electronics it is a good investment.



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